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Yasmine Akondo

The core subject in Yasmine’s art practice is existence itself. The concept of life and death. Though these are very abstract words, meaning everything and nothing, it is exactly her field of interest as it is. This is translated into sculpture, installation and performance.


She recently decided to transform her practice into an artistic research project since she is searching for a valuable extension wherein her work becomes of social interest. She tends to do this by creating a series of performances wherein interaction and participation are highly valued. Furthermore, she searches for common space and a collective need: the need for the essence of life, balance, a consciousness of self, and peace, …. Centered through ritual, Zen, and movement. And of course, this need is also questioned. Her research is founded in ancient histories, philosophies, and cultures, mainly focused on Buddhism and ritual.


She is searching for a low-threshold approach to art and in this quest, she wonders about the link and differences between art and culture.


We exist, only to learn. To be present and aware of being. To live with full consciousness.


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