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Our volunteers

Join our team

Archipel has a fantastic team of volunteers who help decorate, build up, clean and maintain the atmosphere of the site both inside and outside. At events, our volunteers also roll up their sleeves behind the bar, in the kitchen or between the scenes. We are fortunate to have such great people and are convinced that they are a very important part of our operation. They are part of this artistic community and enjoy the busy life in front of and behind the scenes and the experimental spaces. 

We are constantly looking for decorators, builders, cooks, atmosphere makers, green fingers. What is your talent? Do you want to get involved and guide newcomers? Come and join our team and make friends for life in the meantime! Contact Daniël 0497/295666 or via


Jimmy, rapper and neighborhood boy

My heart is in the Dam area, the atmosphere here is really special. The environment makes me creative and challenges me at the same time. The young people at Dam have a close bond and would go through fire for each other.



Dodo, artist from Nigeria

Unfortunately, life as an artist is not always easy as a newcomer in a country where you are completely unknown. Fortunately, I did get the chance to perform in our neighbour-hood, on the Babel stage.


Katrien, regular volunteer

I have lived in the Dam area for about 15 years and I will not leave here any time soon. Hopefully, even after the renovations in the neighbourhood, there will still be room for great initiatives like those on the Archipel site.

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