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BabelPutch: Slam Aleikum
BabelPutch: Slam Aleikum

Fri, 15 Jul



BabelPutch: Slam Aleikum

Slam Aleikum curates a colorful evening full of poetry, slam, vocal beats & comedy. Elegast cooks a pot of “Den Dam”.

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Tijd en locatie

15 Jul 2022, 20:00 – 23:00

BabelBühne, Lange Lobroekstraat 120, 2060 Antwerp, Belgium

Over het evenement

BabelFestival is a free summer festival at the BabelBühne. A green oasis in the frayed edges of the city, with a bamboo stage, grandstand and sun loungers around a well.

On Friday evenings, young curators and their artists hijack the site with Urban Sounds, vocal beatboxes & lyrics, while the cooking pots smell of culinary herbs from all over the world.

Takes tonightSlam Aleikumthe helm in hand. Expect a critical evening full of comedy, slam, poetry & beats by a mix of new, established, young and old talent. A concept from your local host tonightHind Eliadid ismZahra EliadidandVoo.

Program starts at 8 pm.

Hungry & thirsty?

BabelBar is open from 5 pm!

Elegastcooks pot “Den Dam”. 

Order your portion via the ticket link below!

Workshop: 2 pm - 6 pm

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Mona Abdelwahabopens on clarinet, followed by comedy byNikki Rose, rap & lyrics byMiklo&Maxster P, poetry throughFarahand open mic with young people fromOKAN& D'Amvers (coaching:Miklo&AKB), after party with Djay Selay.

Hind Eliadidis an Antwerp word artist and writer.

She has won several awards for her performative word art, including the Van Dale spoken award in 2017, the BILL award in 2018, the VOEM emancipation prize in 2019, and the El Hizrja literature prize in 2020.

Through her platforms Zonderwolk and Slam Aleikum, she offers a platform to word artists, rappers, storytellers & comedians.

Zahra Eliadidis a versatile artist from Antwerp and  illustrator, painter and stop motion animator. She can often be found on the stage of Slam Aleikum as a beatbox/loop station artist. Usually in a fusion with her sister Hind Eljadid, they bring out word and sound together in a unique and innovative way. The sisters grew up in the Den Dam district.

Miklois an artist and rapper from Antwerp North. He draws his inspiration from his past and the struggles he has endured, and he is also a producer of the label “CodeRed”.

Nikki Rosecomes from Philadelphia (USA). She lived in Bruges for 17 years, but now resides in Antwerp. She works as a janitor and after her hours she climbs as many stages as possible. (The Joker, The Talking Donkeys, Slam Aleikum and Mama's Open Mic). No pain, no gain!

Mona Abdelwahabstudied jazz at the conservatory in Antwerp. She likes to improvise with Arabic scales on clarinet. She is currently artist in residence with a project on Moroccan traditional music in collaboration with the Arab arts center Moussem.

FarahFaizi (1996), is from Afghanistan. She obtained her bachelor's degree in midwifery (2013) and also in law and political science (2018). She worked for 4 years with the American organization DAI USAID, there she worked for the rights of Afghan women to improve their situation.

Selay Ovskiis a Brussels DJ with a unique style of her own, she is the undefeated permanent DJ at the word arts platform 'Slam Aleikum'. Selay offers us a dynamic interpretation of pop/electro/RnB fused together with sounds from Anatolia, Turkey, the Balkans, the East and the Middle East!  She makes music under the motto: Make music, not war!

For “tummy”:

Culinary delights from home: Elegast cooks a fusion of Damse delicacies for 10 euros between 7 pm and 8 pm: 

order your portion via the ticket link here!

With the support of Voem, Corso, D'Amvers, Archipel, City of Antwerp, District of Antwerp, Oude Badhuis, Burgerbegroting

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