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James Lethbridge Glass

James Lethbridge Glass

Initially, he followed a career path in producing ceramics and immersed himself in their production processes. In 2003, Lethbrigde was lured by the study of glass. This was a life-changing moment, because it was not long before glass became his material of choice. Fascinated by the transparency and fluid nature of molten glass, the repetitive process soon turned into a more experimental one. In 2005, Lethbrigde began studying at the Royal Academy of Art, where he learned many glass practices and his work also took on a greater volume. This helped him gain self-confidence and belief in his chosen artistic practice. Since graduating, Lethbridge has gained a reputation for his unique works of art. He has alternated between sculptural and luminous works.

Lethbridge's artworks are immediately recognisable due to his imaginative approach. His artworks often contain a multitude of glass thorns, shards and tendrils. Lethbridge still makes repetitive work, but now with a completely different approach and result.


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