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Antwerp Art Weekend
Antwerp Art Weekend

do 26 mei



Antwerp Art Weekend

Het Antwerp Art Weekend is een stadswijde manifestatie voor hedendaagse beeldende kunst in Antwerpen, waarbij kunstruimtes in en rond de stad de handen in elkaar slaan om hedendaagse kunst te vieren en verder te promoten als een waardevol en essentieel onderdeel van de maatschappij.

Tijd en locatie

26 mei 2022, 12:00 – 29 mei 2022, 19:00

Antwerpen, Lange Lobroekstraat 120, 2060 Antwerpen, België

Over het evenement

Tickets? Vrije inkom, geen reservatie nodig. 


Donderdag, 26 mei van 12-21u.

Vrijdag 27 mei van 12-18u.

Zaterdag 28 mei van 12-18u.

Zondag 29 mei van 12-18u.



James Lethbridge/Locuratolo/Alec De Bruyn/Bram Rombouts/Sabbo Verleye/Joris De Rycke/Davey WAXX Verhaege/Inés Ballesteros López & Michela Dal Brollo/Beau Van Hoydonck/ Siege Dehing / Martijn Megens / Christophe Gabriels/ Tim Vanhentenryk/ SoSo Artz: Ageeba Kromah & Honey Azamosa / Elisabeth Bresseleers / Michaël Beyers / Rochus Marr / Zahra & Hind Eljadid & Hamza ntifi rebelle / Fabienne Snellinx / Lamine Diouf / Bart Pluym 26 May—29 May 2022

DIS|CONNECTED is an ode to times of isolation, how distancing oneself from the everyday creates depth, stillness and slowing down. It is a status that many artists seek during creation. How dissolution provides a connection to another reality. For some a blessing, for others a curse. Expect a series of multi-disciplinary and eclectic creations by Archipel residents and local artists, who found refuge in their work during this pandemic, exhibited at the former slaughterhouse site, on the ragged edges of the city. The site, disconnected from city life, freed from interpretation and free for the arts, but constantly narrowing and diminishing and teetering on an uncertain future between the encroaching construction zones. Experience how the artworks in this context generate new meaning for the wasteland and the derelict buildings. On the one hand different from each other by their individuality, on the other hand connected by the condition of the site.  In the city or apart from the city? Does the connection with the city or the lack of it provide the inspiration for the artists who built their temporary workplaces here, or is it just the combination of both? Both the pandemic and the transformation of this piece of wasteland and all the movements in between are the input for this exhibition.

Davey WAXX Verhaeghe

26 May—29 May 2022

Davey’s work tells a story of abstract alienation at which you ask yourself how to deal with this confrontation. Do you see it as an experience or as an embrace? In his own words it’s rather a non-figurative art with little philosophy but contains a whole lot of emotion. This is mainly reflected in his geometric abstract work with characteristic horizontal lines, rectangles and dribbles. Once the idea is in his head, the process of preparing already started for weeks. So when the idea comes out it will be nearly finished.Abstractness is a feeling to him, a concept that has to be framed and where you have to distant yourself from reality. It can reveal fundamental values about reality. The excess of stimuli from the outside world presents obstacles. But Davey's work captures these impulses and offers us a new perspective.Davey was also present at Antwerp Art Weekend last year, when he received recognition in his work for the first time. He decided to frame his story in a book, small works of art, bundled for the first time. A 100-page book with photos, text and explanation, interview and podcast. They are signed and limited. Plan your day wisely and go and grab a copy of Davey's book!  


Murra Bossier/ Adel Setta / Rex Tee / Jill De Graaf / Dimitri Klink / Gertjan Van Oevelen / Sem De Meulenaer / Dorian Appeldoorn / Carolina Maciel de França

26 May—29 May 2022 

This time me around, Semisalty investigates the cycles. Life and death, creation and destruction, transience and mortality, the lunar cycle, or just your average bicycle. Everything will be semianalysed, and amount to a performance where endless repetition becomes a pleasurable practice. 

Deel dit evenement

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