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Adel Setta

Adel Setta

Is an Antwerp-based visual artist/photographer, who is strongly interested in discovering/creating other worlds. His oeuvre consists of social documentaries, fashion editorials, fine art series and more. The vibe behind the works is usually covered by a kind of abstract dark spectrum. A spectrum in which Adel experiments a lot.

This is what made him join the Shed of Death in 2018, a collective consisting of artists who work around an art movement called fokovism. An "art form" that chooses to express itself creatively rather than follow the standardised rules of what is institutionally seen as art. Together they create exhibitions in which complete sets are built and filled with horror-like creatures and pictures.


Adel's images are ambiguous and often disturbing, punctuated with flashes of dark humour. They occupy the middle ground between documentary photography and visual art, offering both provocative social commentary and dreamlike surrealism.


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